Who Are We

Mudra Holistic Healers™

Mudra Holistics healers™ is dedicated to provide training in the field of emotional excellence, energy psychology and new age personal performance enhancement tools to bridge the gap among social, material and spiritual aspects. We are committed to create a strong and continuous improvement in human performance with our organization. We customize programs that are specially designed to build and sustain the skills and behaviors that are essential to your business success.

Our effort extends beyond the training room. We deliver high impact training interventions and implement powerful reinforcement programs. We have a pool of expertise specializing in specific areas in order to better serve organizations and provide quality education in the field of Energy Psychology, Inherent Human Behavior, Leadership, Personal Effectiveness and Universal Laws in such a manner that understanding of these elite sciences can be used by masses practically and effectively in their day-to-day personal and professional lives.

Anil Nayar

The founder and Executive Director of
Mudra Holistic Healers™ .