Anil Nayyar

Mudra Holistic Healers™

The organisation strives to create a value based stimulating, innovative, logical and interactive environment for everyone. We aim at holistic development and believe in reaching out with sensitivity and empathy to work towards national and social integration with a spirit to awaken the conscience of every human being so that there can be faith in goodness and fortitude to face the buffeting winds of change and a desire to serve humanity. Our mission of 'Sharing' is now being actively propagated and is in practice by many. The knowledge and understanding of laws of nature, functioning of energy psychology and application of these natural phenomenons will revolutionize the way we live,think and perceive the whole world around us.

Energy Balancing Expert , Energy Psychology Researcher, Speaker & Author. Like everyone else , Anil Nayyar also started from somewhere. He struggled, failed and surged ahead in search of energy sciences. All he had was an undying learning attitude to hold on to. A sharp turn came into his life when he was introduced to Universal life force, Reiki, while he was posted abroad. He took plunge into world of energy sciences with a mission to take this route to a higher level. He consistently kept resigning from his comfort zone to share these sciences with the entire world. It is this very urge of helping people and doing something good for society that inspired him to take the initiative of changing people's live in form of Emotional Engineeringg Sessions.

Today he is more happy to see his work flourish into full fledged practice, as he is helping lots of people in dealing with their emotional, physical and mental challenges. His mission is to spread the knowledge and understanding of these subtle level activities to the masses.

He is the Executive Director of Mudra Holistic Healers™ and also provides counseling, healing and education through Personal sessions, workshops and seminars to corporate, individual,couples and groups. He also specializes in Law of Attraction and Universal Laws and provides seminars and workshops on the subject on Pan Indian basis under the banner of and bridge the gap among lives social, material and spiritual aspect.

Kavita Kapoor

Mudra Holistic Healers™

Kavita Kapoor, a Post Graduate in English with a Bachelors in Education degree is an Educationist with 27 years of experience in reputed schools in Faridabad. She has always been a passionate teacher very popular among her students, parents and colleagues.

Being a very compassionate and understanding person, she always wanted her students to be good human beings first and then responsible citizens and professionals. Through out her teaching career and tenure as the Principal of a renowned school, she held moral values much above anything else. She has always been a spiritually inclined person . It was this quest to explore beyond what is visible, that brought her into the world of REIKI , after quitting her job.

Kavita Kapoor completed all levels of Reiki Training and her Reiki Mastership from Mudra Holistic Healers™ Faridabad. She moved ahead in her spiritual journey by incorporating Crystal Healing and Pendulum Dowsing. Today she is a practicing Reiki Healer and Teacher in Faridabad. She has a rich experience of holding Direct and Distance Reiki Healing Sessions. She also conducts Well Being Counselling sessions for students, parents and teachers. She is a great animal lover and also works for the cause of stray animals.

Indu Jain

Mudra Holistic Healers™

Indu Jain – a Post Graduate in Computer Science with Bachelors in Mathematic with 12 years of experience in IT industry to a Reiki Healer and Candle Expert.

It is a myth, particularly, in India that candles are only used during festive season (Diwali) or birthdays or during power cuts. But, candles are a great resource of energy that can be used to heal somebody or can be used in meditation purpose.

Colors play an important role in our lives and even when we do creative work or meditate, we can lend distinctive vibrations and focus our intentions better through the burning of different colored candles. Indeed , candle “magic” is an important and much studied science and art.

Indu is the founder of BLISS candles and manufactures hand poured , fragrant Reiki healing and Magic candles. We are candle experts and Reiki healers, use traditional art in making candles to make it more powerful in healing. Candles for all the chakras, colors, sizes are available.Home decor candles are also available in designs that are aromatic and designer.

Renu Kohli

Mudra Holistic Healers™

Renu Kohli – a Post Graduate in Commerce, worked in the corporate sector for nearly 15 years before being introduced to the world of Reiki, and that changed her life in ways she could not imagine. Her passion lies in understanding the power of mind and harnessing it to reach higher levels of existence.

She has done her Reiki Mastership from Mudra Holistic Healers™ in Faridabad. She has completed a certification in NLP and Hypnotherapy, and is also a certified Law of Attraction practitioner. She regularly conducts Hypnotherapy sessions, Reiki Healings, and Wellness Consultations.

Her goal is to help and encourage people to awaken their inner consciousness, recognize their spirituality and live an abundant life.

Varsha Chauhan

Mudra Holistic Healers™

Varsha Chauhan - is a housewife and lives in Faridabad. She is a Post Graduate in Hindi from Panjab University, Chandigarh. She learned about Reiki from a friend and is associated with Reiki since 2014. She has good experience in this field. She has completed all levels of Reiki and her Reiki Mastership from Mudra Holistic Healers, Faridabad.

In addition to this she has also completed certification in EFT, RAMAL and Numerology from Mudra Holistic Healers, Faridabad.She has set herself a goal and its her endeavor to spread the knowledge of Reiki healing to maximum number of persons so that a stress free and disease free society is created. She has some wonderful experiences about the healing power of Reiki and has even practised distance healing with wonderful results.