Magic Candles

Many people are unaware of the power of candles . Since anncient times candles have been used for light , prayer and rituals. Candles have an amazing energy, which is why we use them to boost the healing abilities of Reiki treatment.

The colour of each candle also affects the energy that it will attract , which is why all of our magical journey candles have different colours.The essential oils and components of each candle give it certain abilities when lit in conjunction with a positive Reiki healing practice.

A Reiki candle is charged up with the energy of Reiki. When this candle is lighted, it releases an energy, which can be transferred to any living thing or surroundings, which helps in generating higher power energy in people. Reiki candle can be charged by Reiki practitioners and people like to lighten their rooms to fill it with a lot of positive energy.

Mission and Philosophy

Mudra Holistics Healers is dedicated to provide training in the field of emotional excellence, energy psychology and new age personal performance enhancement tools to bridge the gap among social, material and spiritual aspects. It has a vision to create a micro revolution inside us at subtle levels and their mission is to spread the knowledge of Universal Life Force through Reiki .

Mudra Holistics Healers strongly believe in the philosophy that 'Light comes from within , You cannot ask the darkness to leave , You must turn on the light' . Anil Nayyar's passion lies in understanding the unknown powers of the universe . He has a curiosity to study human life and it's connections with Higher Powers . Mudra Holistic Healers™ are bridging the gap between life's social , material and spiritual aspect's of life.

Some thought provoking quotes !

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.

- James Keller -