Mid Brain Activation

It is the dream of every parent to see their children reaching great heights. For this, the parents would go to any extent and make massive sacrifices to ensure that the children get the best life. Modern parents also know that education is the main key to achieving their potential. Mid brain activation teaches the techniques that can be used to enable kids to be aware of their intellectual potential, opening up the way for more learning and thinking capabilities.

The mid brain is a one of the parts of the brain whose main function is to coordinate communication of auditory, motor and visual signals. It’s also referred to as the mesencephalon and is located right above the brain stem. All stimuli passed to the left hemispheres and the right hemispheres are initially perceived by the mid-brain. This part of the brain is not consciously controlled by the individuals as they are part of the lower brain regions. Mid brain activation therefore is a program designed to train and furnish kids with abilities to understand and perceive visual objects without seeing. The children can be trained to be as good as being able to read faster, with better concentration even when they are in blindfolds.

The child is taken through a process of activation and learning to enable him/her to enter a stage of thought genius. Genius not in terms if IQ levels but in terms of optimal brain functionality. This means that all the senses are activated and perform at their best which includes the abilities of perception of their environment. Such optimum environmental intuition is what leads to abilities to see with closed eyes. Mid-brain activation is strongly related to intuition, which is the ability to perceive environmental aspects in limited time and without much thinking. When defining mid brain activation, Wikipedia states in its functions that house mice have been bred and trained, subsequently making them have larger mid-brains. The mid-brain also plays a major role in the motivation of a species and so its activation and training lead to better learning morale.

Mission and Philosophy

Mudra Holistics Healers is dedicated to provide training in the field of emotional excellence, energy psychology and new age personal performance enhancement tools to bridge the gap among social, material and spiritual aspects. It has a vision to create a micro revolution inside us at subtle levels and their mission is to spread the knowledge of Universal Life Force through Reiki .

Mudra Holistics Healers strongly believe in the philosophy that 'Light comes from within , You cannot ask the darkness to leave , You must turn on the light' . Anil Nayyar's passion lies in understanding the unknown powers of the universe . He has a curiosity to study human life and it's connections with Higher Powers . Mudra Holistic Healers™ are bridging the gap between life's social , material and spiritual aspect's of life.

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Nothing is so healing as the human touch.

- Bobby Fischer -

Healing doesn't means the damage never existed ..... It means that the damage no longer controls our life.